Dear Friends and Family of Christ Church,

Mission 20:21 is about raising funds to reach millions and raising up a generation of world changers.

There are few moments in life when we can come together and collectively impact present and future generations for Christ. Mission 20:21 Campaign is one of these moments. We need you. The unchurched millions locally and globally need you!   

I believe King David felt this same potential for impact when he called the people to live beyond themselves, and put a stake in the ground to impact future generations: 

“Besides doing all that, I have promised to give part of my own gold and silver as a way of showing my love for God’s temple…Now, who else will show their dedication to the LORD by giving gifts for building his temple?  After David finished speaking, the family leaders, the tribal leaders, the army commanders, and the government officials voluntarily gave gifts for the temple. (gold, silver, family jewelry, were given)… David and the people were very happy that so much had been given to the LORD, and they all celebrated.”  I Chronicles 29: 3-9 

Mission 20:21 is raising funds to reach millions, raising up a generation of world changers and raising funds to accomplish the first two.Mission 20:21 is about equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.  Sacrifice for some will be $100, some $1,000 others it will be $100,000 over three years. Julie and I humbly ask you to pray first, then follow the Holy Spirit to give sacrificially so we can reach this generation for Christ.  

Love, Pastor Charles and Julie