Mission 20:21 Purpose

A) This is our Mission at CC—To raise up millions to know Jesus, B) To Raise up a Generation of World Changers, C) To Raise funds as the stock market and real estate market are at historical levels—so many have been blessed in order to raise funds to accomplish these goals:

  • Build a 9,000 sq. ft facility for our Lincolnton Campus. All of our existing campuses have had “seed money” to build, renovate or update their facilities. Lincolnton needs a new Worship & Child Care Facility.  
  • Plant 12 new churches in Ghana in the next three years.  
  • Enhance our Online Campus to be more interactive. “Online Worship is the Guttenberg Bible of the 21st century.” Pastor Charles 
  • Provide several improvements at each campus over three years
  • Pay down 65% of our debt in the next seven years.  

Mission 20:21 Goals