How To Get Involved

Let’s pause and give God thanks for all that the Lord has done for us as individuals and for Christ Church.

Because of our strong mission statement “To reach millions of unchurched persons by developing thousands of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ” we have stayed laser focused to provide smart and safe means to worship during 2020. The vision of CC in the past had us prepared for this pandemic for online worship, flexibility for parking lot worship, and ready to do inside worship in a new way. 

  • Pray for the amount that God would have you give over the next three years.
  • Give the most generous gift you can, then give sacrificially.  Remember, sacrifice will cost you.  Your sacrifice means others will one day be in heaven. Our world is desperate for the hope and love of Christ.
  • Our theme is equal sacrifice, not equal gifts.  Pray for: 1- $500,000 gift, 1-$250,000 gift, 5- $100,000 gifts, 4- $50,000 gifts 4-$25,000 gifts and 10-$900 gifts and hundreds of gifts in between over three years.  Everyone can do their part giving sacrificially so others might know Christ.